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Parolieretraduzioni.com is the web space of two independent freelance translators and interpreters, graduated at the best Italian universities for translators and interpreters (ForlÏ and Trieste).

We offer professional and high quality translation services between Italian and English, Danish and Russian.We translate brochures, manuals, technical specifications, guides, websites, software, etc.

We also offer high-quality liaison, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting service in meetings, conferences, trade fairs and other events requiring language assistance: from photo shoots to guided tours.

Since we started, we have translated and interpreted in the most diverse fields: technical, legal, marketing, creative, economic and financial texts. To provide excellent and reliable translations, we use several tools such as specialized dictionaries, glossaries and web based resources.

We are based in La Spezia and Prato, but we are always ready to visit our clients to discuss all the pending issues related to ongoing projects.

We deliver fast and reliable translations, thanks to our skills and our professional attitude, developed during our long term cooperation with agencies from all over the world. All translations undergo a revision process, to eliminate all source language influences and create extremely natural and fluent texts.

Our rates vary according to the language combination, the difficulty level, the projectís volume, etc. For a free quotation, please click here.